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Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Pumpkin Smoothie

November 30, 2013

We love smoothies around here.  The kids love them because they are sweet and fun.  I love them because they’re super easy and I can make them half-asleep.  Plus, there’s not a lot of clean-up.  With a big family, that’s always a huge plus.

Our standard Pumpkin Smoothie recipe is as follows:

1 frozen banana (we always have a bag of peeled, frozen bananas in the freezer)

1/3 cup pureed pumpkin (we make a ton of pumpkin baggies for the freezer when it’s pumpkin season.  But, canned works well, too.)

1/3 cup plain whole fat yogurt

3/4 cup almond milk

A sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon

Blend until smooth.  Sometimes, just for fun, I’ll add some chocolate chips.  🙂

Pumpkin SmoothiesThis Thanksgiving, my mom turned me on to a fun twist on our pumpkin smoothies.  A fun idea she learned from The Pioneer Woman.  Freeze excess pumpkin pie filling (I think this would be cool with other pie fillings as well!) in muffin tins.  Then pop them out for use in smoothies!  Brilliant!  Another fun twist was to sprinkle crushed graham crackers on top.  Like drinking a piece of pie!

The benefit of using frozen fruit (the banana in my recipe or the pie filling in my mom’s) is that you don’t have to water your smoothie down with ice!  Your smoothie will pack a much bigger flavor punch and keep everyone full longer!  This is a great way to start your Small Business Saturday Shopping!  Which I will be observing in my pajamas.  (Shameless plug: our friends over at Cheeky Bums Blog have a beautiful Etsy shop with proceeds going to fund their adoption!  Also, we have some ebooks that would make super cool gifts, especially for family and friends who are far away! Check our our Resources page.)

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