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Prayer for Week of August 12–Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

August 12, 2013

(This was originally written in March of 2008.)

This afternoon I asked the kids what God was saying for today. Meg said something to the effect of “God wants us to enjoy this beautiful day.” Israel started to copy Meg, then he stopped short and said, “No, wait.” [Pause for listening to God.] “God says that today is a day for mercy.”

Wow! I used this word from God as a theme for tonight’s cell group. I take what God tells my children seriously.

Today was also Luc’s stuffed porcupine’s birthday. Yes, believe it or not, I let my children celebrate the birthdays of random toys. It’s an excuse to eat cake.

Earlier today we made a cake for Porcupine. I told the children we would eat it and sing to Porcupine after cell group. So, the chocolate dinosaur cake (which is what Porcupine asked for through his translator, Luc) was put away until all the cell members had gone.

After cell group I went into the boys room to assess the damage. (The many children who attend cell group come and go from the meeting to the room, playing. They all make a mess, which I don’t mind. They are kids, after all!) I was shocked not just to see toys everywhere (which is normal) but to see clothes from the closet all over the floor. This was particularly upsetting because I had spent at least an hour yesterday organizing the boys’ closet and sorting their clothes. All my hard work was undone. Plus, I had clearly told the children not to play in the closet.

I heard myself say, “That’s it! Put your pajamas on and go to bed! No cake! You don’t deserve it! This is just plain ol’ disobedience! I might just throw the cake away!”

(Yes, I really said that.)

Even while saying that the Lord was whispering, “Mercy triumphs over judgement.”

I stormed out of the room. I could hear Meg crying. They had so looked forward to that silly cake. They got in their pajamas and cleaned up right away. I was nursing the baby and sort of seething (all the while the Lord was saying, “Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.”). Luc came to me and said, “Mommy, please don’t throw Porcupine’s cake away.”

I called the children to me. I said, “Do you deserve the cake?” They all said no with tears in their eyes. I said, “What is mercy?” Below is Israel’s answer.

Yes, we had cake. And we sang and gave presents to a stuffed porcupine.

Need a little mercy?  This week throw yourself on His mercy.  It’s more than enough.

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  1. Georgina permalink
    August 12, 2013 2:48 pm

    AAHHHH! Now that’s a sermon 🙂

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