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August Goals

August 1, 2013

Can you believe its August?  I can’t!  I swear I must have blinked or something for time to have sped by so very quickly!  As many of you already know Daja and her family welcomed their eighth child, Tegshee Walker to the family just about two weeks ago.  Daja and Tegshee are doing great and getting some very lovely lying-in time.


We are nearing the completion of our all veg cookbook.  Woot!  The release date for this new ebook will be August 14th!!  We just know you are going to love it!  Also, we’re going to offer to you our dear readers a very special back to school deal on our homeschool curriculum this month.  So keep an eye out for that!  A little birdie tells me you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

If you are just joining us, each month we set goals for ourselves both little and big to help us prepare for “life’s little happenings.”  Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet, just jump right in where you are and take the first step.  You know it’s always the hardest!

Baby Steps:

  • Double two meals each week.  Eat one and put the second one in the freezer.  (Your first goal in The Provision Room is to store up one month of food.)  If you do nothing else you will have eight meals stored each month.  At eight meals per month it will take you just four months to reach your first goal.  If you follow this simple pattern then every three months you will get to take one week off from major cooking!!!  We call it the Mommy Cooking Vacation!  (If you are wondering how all this works you can read more about it here.)
  • Make an organizational plan for the fall.  What new school items will be needed?  What needs to be replenished in your Herbal Medicine Cabinet before cold and flu season are upon us?  What plants should you be thinking about starting for your fall gardens?

Big Girl Step:

  • In line with our organizational plans Daja and I will be tackling our homeschool classrooms.  Somehow I’ve been blind to how big my girls have gotten.  My twelve year old can hardly fit in her desk and neither of the girls have any real work space.  So we’re going to tackle this monster and share with you our before and after pictures.  Brace yourselves!IMG_0813

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