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Prayer for the Week July 22 – Fear Not, Little Flock

July 22, 2013

We have such a special guest for you this morning.  Bethany Joy joins from Joy Light Life.  Daja and I had the pleasure of meeting Bethany Joy last July at the Reformation of Food and Family Conference.  She had overheard the two of us talking about The Provision Room and introduced herself wanting to understand more about how we do things in the kitchen.  Right away we knew this young woman was just lovely.  Since then we have all continued to keep in touch in the usual internet fashion.

We pray you are touched by Bethany Joy and the sweet message she shares with us this morning.  Make sure to head over to Joy Light Life and share a little Provision Room love!

Fear Not, Little Flock

Luke 12: 32

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

I love this verse and everything that it means. Have you ever observed a sheep and it’s master? My brother Elisha recently started raising his own sheep and will be selling it to a large company in Oregon. We are very excited for him. Even more than that though is the opportunity it has offered me. I get to work with my big brother, building his business, brainstorming, and hearing his dreams. My favorite thing though is to watch him care for his sheep. One of them fell ill last year. Every day, every few hours, for months he would go out to her stall and pick her up. She couldn’t stand and was going lame. He would gently massage her legs and help her walk around the pen. He would clean her water, and bring her fresh food. It was precious and reminded me of how Christ so dearly loves and cares for us.

Because Elisha is trying to build his business he purchased a small herd of sheep. They were wild and other than when the shepherd let his working dogs in their pasture, they did not have human interaction. We actually had to teach them to drink out of the water bucket. They were really that wild.

As I have watched Elisha care for them, care for their young lambs, I have seen them form a bond with Elisha. It seems like he is constantly telling them “Fear not little flock” but he is so patient with them. He loves caring for them and is so proud of his growing herd of sheep.

Watching all of this happen has blessed me, encouraged me, and convicted me. It has offered me the opportunity to see a little bit of what God sees when he looks at us. How silly it must be, always having to repeat those words but how kind our God is. So willing to remind us, we need not fear – he wants us to live with him. It is his good pleasure to give us his kingdom.

Bethany Joy Sheep

Bethany Joy bio(Linked to Creative HomeAcre HopOne Sharendipity PlaceHope In Every Season, and Motivation Monday)

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  1. July 24, 2013 11:54 am

    “Fear not….” …. words I needed to hear today!! Thank you for this post, Daja & Kristina & Bethany Joy.

    Blessings~ Andrea

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