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July Menu Plans

July 10, 2013

Daja: It’s that time again!  Time for our cooking vacation!  And how timely for my family!  I am in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  And I totally dig the idea of NOT being in the hot kitchen so much!  So, I’m starting immediately.  And probably indefinitely!  Pregnancy and birth, what better LIFE HAPPENING for which to be prepared!

With that in mind, I’m not even going to do major meal planning or shopping this month.  Just week-by-week.  Because when I have this baby, family and friends will make sure I have some meals brought to me for a few weeks.  So, for the first time in about a year-and-a-half, I’m going to totally wing it this month!

July Menu Plans

Kristina:  Yay!!! for Mom’s Cooking Vacation!!!!  We have been busy building a pergola for my outdoor kitchen so not having to cook every night has been such a blessing!  I just have tell Alyssa (my 10 year old who manages our provision list) to go pull something from the freezer.  The girls make a salad and *poof* dinner is on the table and I didn’t have to stop working outside!  Amazing!

The rest of the month I will be doing all my cooking outside with vegetables fresh from the garden and easy meals on the grill.

Jul-13 Meal Plan(Linked to Wise Woman Link-UpFrom The Farm and Tasty Traditions)

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