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Answering Your Questions: How To Protect My Plants!

April 19, 2013

Q. Reader Rebekah asked via Facebook: OK, Provision Room, I am still such a novice at this growing my own food stuff, but I was so inspired at your garden dinner last summer that I’m trying hard. So my question…last summer we yielded 1 strawberry and some creature got to it before we did. This year I see tons of little green guys peeking out, so how do I keep them safe from birds and/or bugs?

gardening poster

A. Kristina, our resident gardening expert says: Good for you! The critters really do love strawberries and it can be very difficult to keep them from eating your prize fruit and veg possessions! You might try putting netting or even homemade wire cages over them to keep them safe for this growing season. I’ve had mixed results with those, though. It seems like little squirrely hands can just about get through anything! The easiest way I have found to grow strawberries specifically, is in hanging baskets. This will keep the squirrels out and they’re probably your real thieves.

For bugs, you can try laying what is called “black mulch” underneath the plants. This does two things. First it makes it hard for the bugs to get to the fruit but it also increase the ground temperature for the plants. Since strawberries like heat it should increase your yield as well as protect the fruit. For the home gardener you can just use a black trash bag as “mulch” underneath the plant and use rocks or stakes to keep it in place. Hope these ideas help!

Happy gardening!

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  1. June 3, 2013 4:18 pm

    Thank you for sharing this week with Wildcrafting Wednesday. 🙂

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