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I Want To Homeschool, But…

April 17, 2013

We haven’t blogged much about homeschooling on The Provision Room.  But, we are both homeschooling mommies!  We love it.  It suits our lifestyle, philosophies and personalities.  However, we are different in so many ways and our homeschooling journeys reflect that.  And our love of building our home-centric lives grows each school year.

Our good friends over at the Cheeky Bums Blog are all about raising vintage kids in a modern world.  (Ask us how much we love that!)  And they have graciously asked us to guest post about our homeschooling experiences and advice.  The first installment of our posts is up.  (There are also so many other fantastic homeschooling posts there!)

Cheeky Bums

“I want to homeschool but, I have little ones!

At the time I’m writing this, I have a sixth grader, a fifth grader, a third grader, a second grader, a kindergartener, a four year old, a sixteen month old and will soon have a newborn.  An important place to start in figuring out how to undertake this, is to break off old educational paradigms.  We’ve been conditioned to think that learning happens best in age-segregated, homogeneous groups.  Our school systems are all set up that way.  But when you think about it, it’s unnatural.”


Daja's mean children

Daja’s class….er…I mean children

(Linked to Wise Woman Link-Up and Terrific Tuesdays)


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  1. lostinavalonor permalink
    April 24, 2013 8:26 pm

    Love this, Daja, thank you! You’re being featured tonight at my Homemaking Party. There’s a “featured” button at the bottom of my sidebar if you’d like one for your blog!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

    • April 24, 2013 8:56 pm

      Thank you so much! We will be adding your button!

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