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Answering Your Questions: Emergency Cooking Supplies

March 22, 2013

In response to our 72-Hour Kit Challenge one reader asked:  “What kind of stove and cookware will you be using?”

Daja and I are keeping the cooking supplies really simple.  Both of our families are well stocked with camping supplies, both for tent camping and in trailers (glamping).  We have these items in an easily accessible area of each of our garages.

This is what I have collected over the years…


This is a spacious two burner stove we purchased at Costco for around $150.  Each burner puts out a serious 30,000 BTU’s.  We keep a 20lb (standard BBQ) propane tank full and ready for whenever we need it.  (A handy tip...  Most U-Haul locations will top-off your propane tank and only charge you for what they fill instead of the full replacement cost of the tanks you can get at most exchange locations.)


This is our standard Coleman two-burner folding camp stove.  This is a table-top version and uses a 16.4oz propane fuel cylinder.  (Another handy tip… you can buy an adapter at Harbor Freight to fill the 16.4oz cylinders using your 20lb tank instead of purchasing new cylinders every time.)


This last little number is a portable gas cooker you can pick up  for less than $20.  This stove uses butane canisters and typically comes with it’s own carrying case.  I especially like using this when I’m canning.  I set it up on an outdoor table and keep the heat out of my kitchen.

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