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February Menu Plans

February 6, 2013

Daja: That second full week of this month is Ka-Razy!  Monday is Mongolian New Year, so I’ll be making like a gazillion dumplings (think I’m joking?  My mother-in-law makes about 2,000 dumplings for the New Year.  I know this.  She counts.), cake, salad, etc.  Then Fat Tuesday, because we don’t get fat enough on Monday.  Then it’s Ash Wednesday, which, thank the Lord, is not another feast day.  I don’t know if my pregnant digestion could handle another food marathon.  So, it’s a broth and bread sort of day, without meat, and denying ourselves.  Just in time for the sugar overload to come on Valentine’s Day.  The trick for Valentine’s Day is to cook something that my husband and I both agree is a treat and romantic.  We really do not have the same palate at all.  But, we recently went to a restaurant that had the best pork rillettes.  So, I am going to try to recreate that.  Should be a treat for both of us!

By the way, nothing resets my cooking enthusiasm like reading (or rereading) a Peter Mayle book.  All of a sudden, without having to force it, those beautiful details come back to my food preparations.  So, thanks, Mr. Mayle for obsessing about food in all your books.  Because somewhere out there there’s a pregnant lady who was afraid she’d lost her mojo and who all of a sudden has visions of truffles, pâté and rosé dancing in her head.


Kristina:  Our plan for February feels like it is all-over-the-place!  Between holidays, the beginning of Lent, and a birthday thrown in (the 10 year old has expensive tastes!) it was hard for me to make this plan!  I was really trying to balance our feast and fast days.  I honestly don’t if I succeeded or not.  That being said here you go!


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