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Answering Your Questions: Ordering From Azure Standard

February 1, 2013

After seeing Daja’s reveal of her beautiful and newly remodeled provision closet one of our readers asked this question:

Q.  It looks GREAT! So, tell me, what all do you find that is a good buy from Azure? I have their catalog, but have been a bit overwhelmed by it.


A.  Let me start by saying I haven’t met anyone who isn’t overwhelmed by the Azure catalog and website!  There is just too much goodness in there and it’s hard to know where to begin!  In fact I have seen only two responses to Azure.  The first is the slightly OCD response…  open up the catalog and go absolutely hog-wild ordering everything in sight!  The second response is to pick it up, look at it, break out in a cold sweat and quickly put it down again walking away hoping to try again another day.  I won’t confess which of the two responses Daja and I each experienced, so don’t even try to get it out of me!

I think the best way to get your feet wet is by ordering one or two things from Azure that you regularly purchase from the store.  The reason for this is that you probably know the price at the store without having to research it.  You can easily compare that price to the Azure price and know if you’re getting a good deal.  Also, you know your family will eat this!  Over time you will be able to add more to your ordering list.  Additionally, I would suggest keeping a price book.  I have one on my desk where I keep the prices of my staples at the store and the non-sale price at Azure.  Then when the sales catalog comes out I can really see how much I’m saving.  This is really key as prices fluctuate to know when to buy something and when to let it pass.

Staples that we regularly purchase from Azure include rolled oats, steal-cut oats, flour, sugar and beans.  These items are regularly priced well below the store prices by $.50 or more per pound.  We also order tomatoes “canned” in glass.  We really like these because there is no risk of BPA exposure in the glass, not to mention we just think they taste better.

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  1. Sarah Reckards permalink
    February 7, 2013 12:40 pm

    I love Azure! I am hooked, and my husband and I look forward every month to what’s on sale and what their offerings are in fresh produce. We’re fortunate enough to manage a health food store that gets monthly deliveries from Azure. Our lives have been changed, and no longer need to go to the grocery store every week. We save lots of money and feel good about supporting such an organization.

    • Sarah Reckards permalink
      February 7, 2013 12:43 pm

      also, I just subscribed to your blog, through cheeky bums blog…looking forward to what you both share!


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