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Thanksgiving At Daja’s House

November 13, 2012

Here’s my confession:  I don’t like holiday food.  *gasp*  It’s surprising because I absolutely love holidays.  I’ve been accused of making up holidays because we are always celebrating one thing or another around here!  Between the American holidays, the Mongolian holidays, the Christian holidays, the Jewish holidays and all our birthdays, we pretty much always have some cake somewhere.  But Thanksgiving food is actually not my favorite.  I don’t like yams full of sugar and marshmallows.  I don’t like green beans with cream of something in them and covered with those fried onions.  I don’t like stuffing.  Let’s be honest–it’s soggy bread.  And who needs that?

So over the years we’ve adapted some things to our liking.  We hope you like them, too!  Recipes will be showing up in the recipe file.

Throughout the day we’ll have lots of snacks and finger foods.  I haven’t decided on all of them yet, but there will likely be:

Cheesy Bacon Pulls

Sausage Rolls

Fruit Salad

Veggie platter and dip

Chips and salsa

(basically just carb it up!)

Then we’ll have dinner in the mid-afternoon and be in a food coma by nightfall, just in time for an after dinner adult beverage (probably an Old Vermont) and delightful conversation well into the night!  I love Thanksgiving.

Prepping plans:

1 week ahead of time: go shopping

Monday: Make cranberry sauce and prep sausage rolls and freeze.

Tuesday: Cook carrots for souffle and prepare stuffing.  CLEAN HOUSE!

Wednesday: Make pies, prep the cheesy bacon pulls, make sauce for fruit salad


Enjoy your day with family and friends with hearts overflowing with gratitude for all your blessings!

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