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Daja’s October Meal Plan

October 9, 2012



Better late than never?

Here are our meals plans for October.  It felt so good to include some new Autumn foods in the rotation!  I hope the weather complies with my plans!  🙂

You see that for the first full week I have been in vacation mode!  This is the time we eat from the freezer (remembering to choose from the meals that have been in there the longest) and I get a wee break.  I planned my break to be the first week because we have been so busy with my littlest son’s first birthday party, out of town company and Sukkot!  I’ve had so much on my plate, it was great to not have to think, “What’s for dinner?”  Instead we’ve been feasting from the freezer!  WOOT!

Lately I’ve been asked, “Is that all your family eats for dinner?”  So, I just want to clarify: I usually only pre-plan the main food.  These meals will have a salad and/or a vegetable along side, very often rice or other grain or homemade bread.   So, if you see “Squash Gnocchi” you may assume that there will be sides, probably a big green salad and some garlic bread with that.  I have a lot of tummies to fill!

As always, if you want any recipes, just ask!  Check our recipe file for past favorites!


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