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Summer Recap

September 12, 2012

What an amazing summer!  It was full and busy without being burdensome.  We’ve not accomplished everything on our list, but we surely did a lot of them!  It has been a blast!  Thought y’all might like an update and a few pictures.  Here’s what we did:

1. Camp out in the backyard

In Papa and Nana’s backyard!

2. Go to the beach

Kristina’s daughter and Daja’s daughter eating seaweed (not the kind that washed up on the shore) on the beach.

4. Visit a park we’ve never been to

5. Make snow cones

  • Here’s a great tip that takes the guilt out of snow cones.  Instead of buying the flavored syrups that are full of artificial colors and high-fructose-corn-syrup, we use frozen juice concentrates.  We let them thaw and use them as the flavoring syrup on the ice.  Last night, in fact, we had apple and cranberry snow cones!  
  • On the Fourth of July we had a BBQ and we made grown-up snow cones.  Poured the makings of a margarita over the ice and added a sprinkling of coarse sea salt on top!  Super fun!

6. Make ice cream

7. Make pie

Not exactly a pie, but a yummy Bourbon Peach Cobbler will do nicely!

  • Made several different pies this summer:  Peach with basil, berry, nutella cheesecakes and a lavender apricot tart.

8. Make strawberry rhubarb cake

  • (This recipe from Farm Chicks is mouth-wateringly delicious.  We made it at least twice this summer.)

10. Have a gin and tonic in the backyard while reading a book just for fun

  • Whole Foods has an all natural and corn-syrup-free tonic water that is really delicious.

11. Give the kids chocolate milk at breakfast

  • This was a great road-trip treat for the girls when we traveled to San Antonio.

12. Spend an entire day in our pajamas watching old movies

  • Not as fun as you’d think.  The day ended with Mommy saying, “If y’all cannot stop bickering we are never doing this again!” and then promptly sending everyone to bed.  Live and learn.

16. Swim as often as possible

17. Boogie board with Daddy

  • Not only did the girls get to boogie board with Daddy, he took us all paddle boarding at Mission Bay in San Diego.

19. Visit Papa and Nana

The girls can never resist a ride in the back of Papaw’s truck!

20. Spend lots of time with friends

  • We even got to meet some of our readers and online friends who are now forever in real life friends!

Karen and Martin of Only Sometimes Clever with Daja and Gana

Kristina and Daja with Denise of Denise’s Victory Garden (and her delicious pickled green beans!!!)

21. Have a sleepover for the kids

22. Play baseball and soccer and basketball

23. Bake cupcakes

  • Followed this recipe for Blue Moon Cupcakes.  They are seriously yummy.

24. Have a bonfire in the backyard

25.  Roast marshmallows

26. Make popsicles from aqua de jamaica

Sweet hibiscus water with grated coconut and dark chocolate chips frozen in the popsicle mold. A very fun and refreshing treat!

27. Play outside all day and don’t come in until dark!

28. Fly kites at the beach

29. Origami

30. Have races with Belgee

Belgee even won!

31. Go on a family bike ride

Riding the ferry across to Balboa Island.

32. Go on a hike and nature walk

Hiking through Sequoia with friends.

37. Let the kids plan dinner

Ravioli and meatballs with browned butter. Kombucha. Crepes for dessert!

Seriously delicious antipasto salad created by the girls, with some pickled vegetables on the side.

38. Go to the California Science Center

40. Concerts in the park!

41. Sleep in past 10, at least once!

43. Watch the Fourth of July fireworks from the backyard

44. Have a shrimp boil, New England Style

It was so much fun! Definitely adding this to the summer family traditions list!

45. Project a movie outside and watch it under the stars

Hugo under the stars.

47. Read a book from breakfast until bedtime.

49. Make root beer floats

51. Play in the sprinklers (even the grown-ups!)

53. Safely land on Mars (Jordan’s project lands August 5th!)

Just about the most wonderful thing that happened all summer!

54. Have dinner with nothing more than sweet corn on the cobb, tomatoes, bread, and a bottle of wine

56. Video chat with old friends on the other side of the country

58. Go canoeing

59. Have a family sing-along

60. Take a nap in a hammock

61. Finish just one sewing project . . . any sewing project

Kristina’s daughter with her beautiful new skirt.

62. Make sun tea

63. Make iced coffee

Frozen coffee ice cubes in almond or coconut milk: a refreshing summer drink!

64. Have a clothing swap with girlfriends

67. Get up early and watch the sunrise

68. Watch the sunset over the ocean

69. Finish up a writing project in time for the new school year

  • Coming soon!  “A Time To Heal,” a guide to post-partum lying-in!

70. Have a good-bye blessing party for dear friends who are moving away

We miss you, Kevin and Minoska!!!

71. Look ahead to the Fall and think about what needs refreshing in our herbal medicine cabinet

72. Make homemade bug repellent

  • We share our recipes for repelling the bugs here.

73. Go camping in Sequoia

We saw a Mama bear sleeping at the base of a tree and her cub sleeping up in the branches! NATURE!!!!!!

74. Make homemade teething biscuits for the baby

  • We used Mama Natural’s recipe here.  Note: the basic ones do not hold together very well at all.  It was a dismal failure that ended up with me sweeping up a lot of crumbs.  But, the banana and pumpkin ones are WONDERFUL.  They hold together well and are very tasty.

77. Play hopscotch

80. Watch a meteor shower (in July!)

82. Make lemonade from the lemons in the backyard

84. Go antiquing

85. Explore a new town

88. Dance like nobody’s watching

89. Make chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

91. Do sidewalk chalk art (even the grown-ups!)

93. Give our daughters pedicures

95. Do the summer reading program at the library

96. Visit a new Farmer’s Market

97. Have a water balloon/water gun fight

Dripping wet, muddy and having a blast!

98. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

99. Go on a road trip to The Reformation of Food and the Family conference

Long trip through the desert!

Joel and Teresa Salatin with Daja, Kristina and the girls!

100. Read fairy-tales to the children, sitting in the tree house or in the garden

(Linked to Frugally Sustainable)

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