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Prayer for Week of September 10 – A Divine Conspiracy

September 10, 2012

I’m not ordinarily a liar. I believe the old adage that honesty is the best policy. When I say I will do something I follow through and do it—with one very important exception. And that is in worship.

Words like “You’re all I want” and “You are my all in all” and “I give You everything” and “Take my life and let it be consecrated” flow right off my tongue as I worship the Lord.

Although, this may border on lying, there is something else that I’m thinking in regards to this.

You know what? I think worship is a divine conspiracy to make us commit to stuff that our stubborn natures would otherwise resist. Difficult promise? Set it to music and people will stand in line to make it.

Here’s a favorite:
“Over the mountains and the sea, Your River runs with love for me and I will open up my heart and let the healer set me free. I’m happy to be in the truth and I will daily lift my hands, for I will always sing of when Your love came down.” (by Delirious)

Beautiful song. I love it, I truly do. But, truth be told, I only sing certain lines. It’s true! I sing my heart out as it begins….

“Over the mountains and the sea, Your River runs with love for me.” Yep. I can sing that. It’s truth! Jesus’ love flows to me every single minute!

“I will open up my heart and let the healer set me free.” Yep, I can sing that too. Mainly because there is no time frame mentioned and I really do desire to open up by heart more and more to the healer.

“I’m happy to be in the truth.” Oh yeah! I can certainly sing this! I am really happy to be in Jesus who said, “I am the Truth.”

But, here’s the spot where I zip my lips and simply hum the melody. “I will daily lift my hands.” I don’t sing it. As good as my intentions could be, I know full well that I do not lift up my hands to Him daily. I probably should. I should also read my Bible everyday—but ssshhhhh… I didn’t. It’s not that I just didn’t have time. Because obviously, if I’m sitting here writing this, I could have had time to read a Psalm or two. But, I didn’t because it slipped my mind, or I didn’t make it a priority, or I chose to watch a movie instead.

Even though I’ve given up belting out a favorite song, I don’t think the divine conspiracy is all bad. The Lord has worked some ugly stuff out of my life in worship far easier than if He had to pry my skinny little fingers off of my problems.

I can hold onto stuff that He wants to take out of my life for my own good. I am relentless in my insistence to do it my way and in my time. Because of this, the Lord in His gentle persistence sets His will to a beautiful melody. I gently loosen the grasp I have on my own will and surrender to His.

And when I do, what joy fills my soul, what peace takes over my life, what wonderful surprises are around every corner.

So, why can’t I, in my logic, sit down and make these promises, give up these vices and embrace the truth? Well, I don’t know. But, the Lord does. So, that’s probably why there is a divine conspiracy to make me (and maybe you, too?) commit to things that I don’t think I’m ready for yet.

Don’t think of it as being tricked. Think of it as being led. Led like someone who has a wonderful surprise waiting for them, but somehow has to be convinced to show up to the office on his day off.

That’s how I think God has to work with me from time-to-time. How I love it when He says, “Tada!” and I can see how He’s surprised me.

Yeah, maybe it is a divine conspiracy for my own good.

Jesus, lead me.  I trust You and the conspiracy against me that is clearly for my good.  Give me the grace to keep the promises I make to You and the courage to make the promises You are laying before me, all as I look to you as an example.  Amen.

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  1. September 10, 2012 10:34 am

    My husband pointed this out to me a number of years ago and doesn’t sing a song unless he can buy into the words. I do believe we have to be careful of what we sing. I don’t want to be singing a lie. I know the worship leader at our church is very mindful of this in the songs he chooses for corporate worship.


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