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Daja’s September Meal Plan

September 8, 2012

How I menu plan for the month: it’s very sophisticated.  I print out a calendar template and do it by hand first.  Because I need to see it as I move things around.  I have a stack of cookbooks, including the binder with favorites and our own family recipes that end up being spread out all over the table.  I also poll the family, “What do y’all want to eat?”  They call out stuff.  If it’s sensible (veggie burgers, homemade pizza, salads) it gets written in.  If it’s ridiculous (cereal, In-N-Out, lobster) they get “the look” from Mom and we move on.

On the calendar I make sure I pencil in all the events–birthdays, holidays, baseball practice, etc.–so that I can plan accordingly.  If I don’t write them in while menu planning I inevitably forget and end up planning some time-consuming complicated thing when the schedule only allows 20 minutes for prep.  No bueno.  

About this month, I tried to pick meals this month that I knew would use up the last of the Summer garden, because by October the Fall/Winter garden will be in and it’ll be a completely different set of vegetables.

And for those that are new to The Provision Room, you’ll notice a “x2” next to some meals.  Those are the meals that will be doubled with one portion going into the freezer.  Those freezer meals we try not to resort to because of lack of planning.  Those meals are for those unexpected life happenings, to be a blessing to others and to give us our week of cooking vacation every 3 months.

As always, if there is a particular recipe you want, just ask!  We keep a recipe file just for you!

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  1. Chelsea Wipf permalink
    September 8, 2012 12:11 pm

    recipes for Buuz, Seaweed Soup, and Peasant Caviar???

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