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Kristina’s Meal Plans for August

August 10, 2012

Please forgive me for being so late in getting my plan posted.  We’ve been a little busy around here as Jordan’s Mars rover, MSL successfully landed on Mars Sunday night!  Woohoo!!  Our schedule was literally turned upside with Jordan working Mars hours, meaning the night shift for this week.  We are so grateful to God for His hand in it all!

Nothing too exciting on the meal front.  We continue to cook outside as much as possible.  If you’re following the weather, we’re having a major heatwave here in Southern California so it’s just too hot to do a lot of cooking inside.  I’ve also thrown in a lot of pepper related dishes.  We have a BUMPER crop of peppers this year.  (Note:  I read at the beginning of summer if you sprayed your pepper plants with a solution of water and epsom salt it provides them with much needed minerals for blooming and fruiting.  My pepper plants are so heavy with fruit they’re literally falling over!)  Additionally, I’ve continued giving myself some “free nights” so that we can eat leftovers or whatever is coming out of the garden and lastly, I continue to double a couple of meals per week to add to my provisions.

Enjoy!  Don’t forget to let me know if you want any specific recipes.

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