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Prayer for Week of August 6–Awe

August 6, 2012

Last night we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching Curiosity land on Mars.  This means a lot to us because the rover is Kristina’s husband, Jordan’s, project.  He’s been working on it for so long.  In those last few tense moments we stood there together, just staring at NASA TV.  Every time one piece of the mission went well, we saw the team cheer.  But, we just stood there, gripping each others’ hands.  When finally it landed safely we hugged and cried and cheered along with the team.  And then those first few pictures from the rover came in.

First picture of Mars from Curiosity

I was looking at these images when the magnitude of what we were witnessing hit me full force.  We are looking at images, from a piece of technology that was launched from Earth with such precision that it landed within one football field length of where they were aiming.  There were a million different things that could have gone wrong.  If just one of them went wrong the whole thing could have failed.  But, everything went right.  One thing after another went just as planned!  How often does that happen in life?!  Add to that the fact that something that God-given ingenuity, based on God-given thirst for knowledge, had fashioned was now on another planet taking pictures of GOD’S CREATION!

God’s creation is so vast–from the tiniest micro-particles we haven’t yet seen on our planet to all those spinning orbs out there in space.  Sometimes I sit and wonder why God created all these things that no one has seen except God Himself and the angels.  Then I know more than ever that we serve a Creator.  It’s who God is.  You cannot separate God from the role of Creator.  He is always creating for His own good pleasure.  And  a few of these things, He lets us discover if we search for them.

It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.  Proverbs 25:2 NLT

Last night as waves of awe poured over me, I thought of Colin in The Secret Garden.  Literature types might know exactly what I’m referencing.  For those that have not read The Secret Garden, here’s the gist.  Colin is an invalid, believing fully that he will die in childhood.  But, when he gets out into the garden–into nature–and experiences God’s creation he begins to get well.  He gets strong.  He feels this power and doesn’t know what to call it, so he calls it The Magic.  One day when he realizes that he really is healed, he stands in awe and says he wants to shout!  The old gardener suggests he sing the Doxology.

“I shall live forever and ever and ever!” he cried grandly. “I shall find out thousands and thousands of things. I shall find out about people and creatures and everything that grows–like Dickon–and I shall never stop making Magic. I’m well! I’m well! I feel–I feel as if I want to shout out something–something thankful, joyful!”

Ben Weatherstaff, who had been working near a rose-bush, glanced round at him.

“Tha’ might sing th’ Doxology,” he suggested in his dryest grunt….

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above ye Heavenly Host, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.”…

“It is a very nice song,” he said. “I like it. Perhaps it means just what I mean when I want to shout out that I am thankful to the Magic.” He stopped and thought in a puzzled way. “Perhaps they are both the same thing. How can we know the exact names of everything? Sing it again, Dickon. Let us try, Mary. I want to sing it, too. It’s my song.” (The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett)

I felt that way last night.  I felt like there just weren’t words enough to express how awesome the Lord is.  I just had to sing the Doxology.  This morning the kids and I sang it again before breakfast.

Knowledge is fostered by curiosity; wisdom is fostered by awe. Awe precedes faith; it is the root of faith. We must be guided by awe to be worthy of faith.  Forfeit your sense of awe, let your conceit diminish your ability to revere, and the world becomes a market place for you. The loss of awe is the avoidance of insight. A return to reverence is the first prerequisite for a revival of wisdom, for the discovery of the world as an allusion to God. –Rabbi Heschel

May God increase our sense of wonder and awe at all He is and all He has done.  May we never become jaded.  May we never forget that all we have, all we are, all we will be flows from our loving, merciful and creative Father.  It’s enough to keep me standing in awe forever.  And, as lovers in and of our homes, may we find ways to manifest that wonder in our every day lives.

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