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August Goals

August 4, 2012

July was a month of big accomplishments.  Mainly our big road trip to The Reformation of Food and The Family Conference.  There were three of us driving (Kristina, my mom, and me) and it took us 25 hours one way.  We rotated drivers every few hours and didn’t stop except to fuel up and eat!  And we made the whole trip Fast Food Free!  Seven people, one week, 1350 miles, no fast food.  Woot!

We also continued doubling our meals twice a week.  The extra portion we’ve been freezing to stock the freezer for “life’s happenings.”  It’s been great to see our storehouses grow–without adding to our food budget!

And we tended to our gardens, which are providing so wonderfully for us!  This morning, in fact, I harvest a whole bunch of beets.  Carrying them in my arms into the house my 10 year old son said, “I love the sweetness of the beet.” (So Salatinesque!) Now what better praise can a gardener get?!

Here are our goals for August:


1. Continue doubling meals twice a week to put in the freezer.

2. Make an organizational plan for the Fall.  Although we’re still in Summer mode, August is the perfect time to take a day or two to make a plan.  This is not to say that we’ll get all the organizing done in August, but a moment of preparation and planning will serve us well this Fall and Winter.  We’ll take inventory of our Herbal Medicine Cabinets to see what needs refreshing BEFORE cold and flu season.  We’ll look through our libraries and school rooms to plan for the new school year.  We’ll take stock of our gardens to see what soil needs amending, which plants need reseeding, which beds need turning over and get ready for our winter gardens.  (We are blessed to live in a place where we can garden year around!)  It’s even a good time to look through all the family members’ closets to see if there is anything that needs to be taken out and what we need to plan to put in!

3. Begin working a consistent Sabbath Day into the weekly rhythm.


1. Can salsa!  Kristina’s garden is doing amazing with jalapenos and I have a lot of cactus with new leaves perfect for harvesting.  So, we are going to can cactus salsa!  Have you tried cactus?  We really enjoy it around here and it turns out it’s an amazing superfood!    Stayed tuned for pictures and tips on incorporating cactus in your diet!

Odessa Dow Laboratory, 1923, Courtesy of Shorpy

Oh and one more thing, dear readers, ENJOY the last few days of summer!  Take time to actually do some of those things you dreamed of in May!  Take those walks, get to the beach or to the lake, invite friends over to barbecue, see those concerts in the park!  Don’t let Summer pass you by!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Henry James

(Linked to Frugally Sustainable.)

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