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Day Three! Feeding The Spirit, Listening To Your Grandmother (Not The FDA), Act Like Christians

July 14, 2012

Day three!  You know how when you are really looking forward to something and you’ve built it up in your mind, you really hope that it lives up to your expectations?  Well, this conference didn’t just live up to expectations, it exceeded it!  We are challenge and inspired and just plain fired up!

Nancy Campbell (I told her that she was my new BFF.  Was that inappropriate?) spoke about the power of the family table.  Think about this: when Jesus has a special message to give Peter, He didn’t just say, “Hey, Peter, come here.  I have something to tell you.”  Nope.  He sat on the beach and cooked fish.  He shared it with the disciples.  After Peter had eaten, Jesus gave Peter a special word and mandate: Feed my people.  WOW!  Cooking and eating together opens up the atmosphere of your home, giving space for the Lord to speak to your family.  Mrs. Campbell said, “As we eat together, the contamination of the world washes away.”

We heard a session with a whole panel of powerful ladies called “Listen To Your Grandmother, Not The FDA: Understanding the merits of traditional eating vs. the myths of the modern food industry.”  That was so rich to just soak up practical wisdom from women from various fields (from nutritionists, to authors, naturopathic medicine) talking about what we can do to keep our families healthy and well fed in our homes.  One of them said, “God created food for human life.  Man created food for shelf life.”

Doug Phillips, in the closing session of the conference summed it up so well: Act like Christians.

Be the subject animal husbandry, carbon footprints, making dinner, deciding where to buy your produce, or where to eat out, the answer can go back to that simple directive: Act like Christians.

We are already dreaming of going again next year!  Perhaps some of you will join us?  We’ll have a Provision Room party!

We still have so much to share with you!  In the days to come we have some real gems!  (But first we get home and get some sleep!)

(Linked to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways and Fight Back Fridays!)

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  1. July 16, 2012 6:04 pm

    You girls are so funny:)

    I actually broke down and paid to see the streaming of this conference. I wasn’t able to watch most of it as it was all goin’ down, but I’m greatly anticipating watching the archived videos. The one about “Listening to your grandmother” is my most highly anticipated session.

    • Daja permalink*
      July 17, 2012 11:51 am

      Diane, (you’re gonna love this), guess who we got to talk to and interview a bit? Vicki West! It was great! We’ll post the video soon!

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