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Righteous Models For Farming, Cooking Is Biblical and Other Thoughts From Day 2!

July 13, 2012

Again, what a day!

There’s no way we can capture in a single post the depth of the wisdom and revelation we’ve experienced these two days! Today was just jammed packed!  The first session started at 8:30AM and the last keynote of the night, Joel Salatin, didn’t take the podium until 9:45PM!  Help!  We are at a conference with a bunch of over-achievers!

Seriously, though, I wouldn’t change a single speaker!  Such richness!

And we got a special little treat today.  Guess who we met?

Michelle Duggar with our daughters!

We started the morning with Bill Potter talking about the history of feasts and famines.  One thought that really stuck with us that when God’s people went to war in the Bible they were to war against warriors, but not touch the environment.  They were not to cut down trees, burn plants, uproot anything.  Famine was not to be used as warfare.  Sadly, in the 20th century it became common practice to attack food supplies to advice political and warfare agendas.

We had several sessions with Joel Salatin today.  To sum them all up: Joel Salatin rocks!

OK, so maybe that is not specific enough for some of you.  So, consider these nuggets:

  • We have taken the nurturing out of the dominion mandate. (ouch!)
  • Diversify! Approach problems with more than one solution.  If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!
  • 50% of the food in this country is never eaten.
  • He explained how the only way to feed the world is not through large industrial operations, but through smaller farms that understand and respect the tomato-ness of the tomato, the pigness of the pig, the chickeness of the chicken, etc.
  • There is such a thing as a righteous and an un-righteous model for farming.
  • Jesus didn’t need an empire mentality.  He changed the word with just 12 men.
  • Why am I so happy?  Every day I get to make billions and trillions of beings happy!
  • Every morning I ask the Lord, “Please help me run this farm with Your hands and Your feet.”
  • Communities have a responsibility to feed themselves and they need to be freed up to do it.
  • Food is a bridge.

Joel and Teresa Salatin with Daja, Kristina and the girls!


Listening to Mr. Salatin talk about the food supply, food production and general food issues in our country, we got a little curious about something….something we’ve been writing and talking quite a bit about on the blog.  What to do when you’re away from home?  So, before the next session started we saw him and snagged an opportunity to ask him.

PR: So, we have a question.  What do you eat when you are away from home?

JS: Well, I often take it as an opportunity to fast.

[pick jaw off the floor]

JS continued: I bring some food from home if I can.  Stuff like nuts, naked juice, beef jerky.  And thankfully, a lot of my speaking engagements are at great places with like-minded people, so sometimes I eat REALLY well.  But, if not, I sometimes eat just enough to be polite and then use that as an opportunity to fast.

Convicted?  We were!  In all our writing about going fast food free away from home, we had not actually considered the option of offering those times to the Lord as fasts!  Come to a food conference and get convicted about fasting!  That’s just like the Lord, isn’t it?

In another session, Chef Francis Foucachon spoke about “What we can learn from the French about food.”  You might sum up that session in one word: EVERYTHING!  Eating well implies buying well.  Buy higher quality food–you CAN afford it, because you also need to reduce your portion size!  Dishes, plates, cups, and even flowers on the table are part of the eating experience.  Food and beauty go together.  Rediscover seasons!  Don’t be afraid to go hungry (in other words, stop snacking!).  Hunger makes everything taste better!

Gary Powers spoke this evening on Christian Manhood and the Seven Pillars of Exceptional Health.  Want to know what those seven pillars are?  Stay tuned.  We’ll give them all to you in a special post!  😉

Nancy Campbell inspired us in speaking about the table.  The table isn’t just a piece of furniture to plunk stuff on.  It’s a Biblical concept that originated in heaven.  Heaven has tables.  God thought of tables long before we ever had them on earth.  She said, “Ladies, did you know that tables area heavenly?  When you get that revelation you can bring a heavenly atmosphere into your home…. Every time we sit at the table we teach theological truths….Meal time is the most powerful time of the day!”

Perhaps the most important message we got today is one of Sabbath.  Kristina was in a session called Stress Free Sabbaths with Chef Foucachon and Daja was in a session called The Family Feast: How To Transform Meal Time Into A Feast For Body, Soul, and Spirit with Nancy Campbell.  Different topics, but we came out with the same message:  Sabbath rests.  And it looks different than we thought it did.  God really opened up the issue for us.  The Bible clearly defines the Sabbath as a day of rest, but “rest” has several meanings.  Yes, our bodies need physical rest but they also need spiritual rest.  When the Sabbath is properly planned and prepared for, then can we glorify God through honoring Him and His plan for us.  We have a lot to share on the topic when we get home!  It’s so good and grace-filled.

Tonight we leave you with this thought:  

Grace not only changes what we reap;

grace changes what we sow.

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  1. sk* permalink
    July 14, 2012 8:22 am

    After showing them the picture of Meggy and Mrs. Duggar:

    Diego: I want to go there! It’s so not fair! (to Mrs. Duggar) I’m sorry for you.
    Deonte: I want to jump in the computer and see the Duggars! I’m sorry that your baby died.
    Dov: That’s so not fair!
    Rhema (to Mrs. Duggar): You better get back in the TV!
    sk: WHAAAT!?!?!??!? They didn’t even tell me!!!!!!!!!

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