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Day 2 Schedule of The Reformation of Food & the Family Conference

July 13, 2012

Can’t wait to get to the conference this morning!  (But first, some coffee!!!)

We’ve planned our course of action.  Here’s where we’re headed.

  • A History of Feasts and Famines, Blessings and Curses – Bill Potter
  • Redeeming the Earth – Joel Salatin
  • Stress-free Sabbaths:  Reflections and Recipes – Chef Francis Foucachon
  • The Family Feast:  How to Transform Meal Time into a Feast for Body, Soul, and Spirit – Nancy Campbell
  • Local Food to the Rescue:  The “Why and How of Local Food As Part of the Answer to Biosecurity, Food-borne Pathogens, Energy, Integrity, and Humane Husbandry – Joel Salatin
  • Eat this Book:  Lessons from the History of Food in the Bible – Joshua Appel
  • What is Making Me Sick?:  Understanding Seven Types of Toxins and the Proper Response to Them – Dr. Michael Bernui
  • Can We Feed the World?:  A Biblical and Scientific Response to Statist, Environmentalists, and Evolutionist Pessimism – Joel Salatin
  • What We Can Learn from the French about Food – Chef Francis Foucachon
  • Holy Cows and Hog Heaven – Joel Salatin

All these sessions and somewhere we’ve got to squeeze in visiting the vendor hall!

We’ll keep you posted!

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