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Wow, Oh Wow!

July 12, 2012

Seriously folks it’s going to take a while for all we’ve heard and learned today to percolate through our writing.

So many words of wisdom being declared into the Kingdom of God for the teaching of His people.

Tonight we’ll try to capture just a few of the highlights, some of our favorite moments and quotes.

Doug Phillips spoke with absolute conviction on why we should all get involved in the Food Fight, because food is a defining issue in families.  A revival in our hearts opens the door to this issue of food!

God really cares about food because he really cares about you and He wants you to really care about Him.  –Doug Phillips

Joel Salatin, my goodness! Reading his books is one thing but hearing him speak on his passion for freedom to eat what we want and take care of the land God has given us, takes it to a whole new level.  He compared the current food movement with the home schooling movement 30 years ago.  What changed the face of homeschooling from an underground movement to a respected form of educating our children, was a broad spectrum coalition.  Many different organizations came together to support parental choice.  In the same way, when the food movement involves cross sections from every part of our society we’ll see it move from a hippie, green movement to a mainstream concern.

Noah Sanders, a first generation farmer spoke about what it takes to make farming successful.  Although he gave a lot of great pointers and practical advice for starting farming enterprises, one of the great things we took away was something he said almost in passing.  That is, we have a responsibility, according to the Dominion Mandate passed down to us, to make everything God has given to us fruitful.  This includes our homes and yards.  If you have a backyard, you have a responsibility to make it fruitful!

In Doug Phillips second session of the day he spoke on the Bread of Life, How Food Teaches Us to Love God More.  The Bible presents to us a theology of food which has its principle aim the worship and love of Jesus Christ.  The Lord has specifically designed food and family relationships to help us to understand Him better and love Him more.

It was a day that was indeed very full!  We feel a bit like we’ve been trying to drink from a fire hydrant!  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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