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On the Agenda Today at The Reformation of Food & the Family Conference

July 12, 2012

We’ve checked in and got our seats for the opening session of the conference, “Food Fight: Bringing Christian Charity and Practical Wisdom to the Present Food Debates within the Body of Christ.”  We’re so excited to be among so many like-minded people!

We’re splitting up to cover all the workshops we want to attend.  For today,

  • Food Emancipation:  A Response to the Industrial Food Fraternity, and an Answer to the Question, “Why Can’t You Buy Raw Milk, Ice Cream with Eggs, or Homemade Sausage? – Joel Salatin  (Anna has her Polyface Farm t-shirt ready for Joel Salatin to sign!)
  • Why Am I So Tired?  The Truth About Adrenal Exhaustion – Gary Powers
  • A Glorious Vision for Femininity, Food, and Hospitality in the Christian Household – Nancy Campbell
  • Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny:  Why Lifestyle and Diet May Trump Genetics in the Battle for Your Health – Dr. Michael Bernui
  • Revitalizing and Reforming Hospitality – Ladies Panel including Michelle Duggar & Beall Phillips
  • A Biblical Overview of the Doctrine of Food and the Glory of Christ – Doug Phillips
  • The Joy of Food in the Christian Home – Chef Francis Foucachon

Don’t forget you can still sign up for live streaming of the conference for just $35 if you want join in the fun!

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