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Prayer for Week of July 9 — All I Need Is You

July 9, 2012

And what place is there in me into which my God can come–into which God can come, even He who made heaven and earth? Is there anything in me, O Lord my God, that can contain Thee?  –St. Augustine, Confessions

Blaise Pascal said that there was a God-shaped vacuum in all of us.  C.S. Lewis said he has desires nothing in this world can satisfy, concluding that he was meant for another world.  A.W. Tozer said that in the far-hidden center of man where the essence of our being dwells, there is a bush fitted to be the dwelling place of God.  Accidental theologian George Carlin said it this way:

It can be a tough reality to live in when there are bills to be paid and schedules to keep.  When your life seems to be lived in a balance of taking the kids to piano lessons, making dentist appointments, keeping up with the housekeeping and finding ways to make ends meet.  If at the end of a day of frantic activity you feel a sense of emptiness that hasn’t been filled with chips or the Late Show, you likely have left an important thing undone.

It’s so easy to neglect it, because it doesn’t come in the shape of a piece of mail marked “urgent” and it doesn’t send text messages at 3AM.  It doesn’t holler at us from catalogs and celebrities aren’t hawking it on the Home Shopping Network.

It’s something with far less form, but far more importance.  

You can try to fill it with things that can be purchased.  We’ve been trying that in our consumer driven society for years.

You can try to fill it with activity.  We’ve been trying that in our performance driven cultures since Adam.

You can try to ignore it.  This doesn’t work any better than when my three year old closes her eyes and thinks she’s hiding.

How can we fill that vacuum, God-shaped hole, hidden-center, need for happiness in the midst of pressing physical needs in a very physical world?  I encourage you to take a few moments in quiet meditation.  It may be tricky.  Your mind may be racing with your to-do lists and family’s demands.  But, take a moment or two.  Sit in silence and breathe.  Ask the Lord to settle your heart, your mind, your very soul.  And wait on the Lord.  He’ll come in and start to fill in all those nooks and crannies of your person.  The Spirit of God, dwelling in man will cause the limits of your soul to expand in order to accommodate His Glory.

Cramped is the dwelling of my soul; do Thou expand it, that Thou mayest enter in.  –St. Augustine, Confessions

Will you join me–this is my prayer today:


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  1. Cathy permalink
    July 9, 2012 8:04 am

    thank you for this rich message on a Monday morning. blessings.

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