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Real Fast Real Food

June 28, 2012

We’ve written quite a bit in the last few weeks about fast food.

We took a challenge to see if fast food was really as fast and cheap as we’ve been conditioned to think it is.  Watch the video on YouTube!

We did a side-by-side nutritional comparison between fast food and real food.

We gave you tips to keep you from falling into the fast food trap.

And we showed you how having a small picnic basket in the car can totally save the day!

But STILL there are times when you will be in a huge hurry!  And your stomach will be rumbling.  And you’ll need a quick fix!  Can you get away with fast food once in a while?????

Now, we are not here to tell you that you can’t make an In-N-Out (our fave!) stop part of your meal plan once in a while.  In a pinch, why not?  You just have to be aware and intentional.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s saving you time, money or nutrition.

Fun? Yes!

Cheap?  No!

Quick? Not so much.

In fact, the original fast food, the REAL fast food will often do the trick when you need something quick, cheap and easy.

Some ideas for you:

Veggie Sandwiches!

Crackers, fruit, and cheese!

Pita, hummus, cheese, olives and tomatoes

Bet you can toss a simple green or Caesar salad quicker than the pizza guy can deliver!

Antipasti is so quick and delicious! (pickled stuff, eggs, deli meats, cheese, veggies)

Bread, pesto and fruit!

Fruit, bread, and cheese!

Fried eggs, toast and whatever else you can throw in! Here I have chicken liver pate and pickles!

There is still time for you to take a 30 Day Fast Food Free Challenge!  We are almost through our 30 days, but YOU can start YOUR 30 days whenever you want!  Join us before July5th (when our 30 days is up!) and you just might win a car picnic basket tailored to your family!  How cool is that?!?!

We also have a downloadable PDF resource to help you in your journey!  Take the challenge with a friend, your co-workers, your small group or church!  Get healthy, save money and have fun together!


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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    June 28, 2012 8:54 am

    We’re not participating as we don’t eat fast food, delivery pizza, etc., to begin with so we have nothing to give up. I have notice deli meats and cheeses mentioned as an option to fast food. Is that not just another version of fast food? Pre-sliced, overly salted, preservatives and sodium nitrite added…seems to me the same stuff they would stick into a sub sandwich at the Subway.

    • Daja permalink*
      June 29, 2012 8:55 pm

      I believe you are right in that a lot of deli meats are probably pretty icky. However, preserving meats is a traditional practice all over the world. When quality (read: grass-fed, pastured, sustainably raised, wild, etc.) meat is used and when the preparation practices are quality, deli-type meat can be a part of a healthy diet. They do not have to come laden with MSG, rearrangements of corn, etc.

      It may take some looking and asking around to find a source you trust, but they are out there!

      Just this weekend on a hike in the mountains in the Sequoia National Forest, Kristina’s family shared some organic, grass-fed, pepperoni sticks with us from Novy Ranches. Delicious!

      • Elizabeth permalink
        July 6, 2012 1:56 pm

        I still stand by by my concern for the meats, even the cheeses found in MOST of the grocery stores. Even the rotisserie chickens are most likely going to be the cheapest lowest quality and contain antibiotics and pesticide residue etc. We have 5 grocers in town, only one of them sells organic meat and that is only frozen chunks. 4 of them sell a very small selection of organic cheese, also chunks in the deli section.

        We don’t have the access to things that you are able to find. Closest Trader Joe or Whole Food is almost 2 hr away. Closest “natural food store”, about 1/2 hour, also very small limited supply of frozen chunks.

        We just choose not to eat meat, it is easier and cheaper and no one misses it.

  2. June 29, 2012 1:59 am

    I’m not participating in the challenge (not enough time) though I’m enjoying the series.

    There is nitrate-free lunch meat out there though one has to search for it. It’s not easy to find in a regular grocery store. One alternative is to go with rotisserie chicken, or keep cooked meat in the freezer to defrost for a quick meal.

    Also check out the prepared foods section for items.

    • Daja permalink*
      June 29, 2012 8:59 pm

      Excellent suggestions, Barb. Often sandwiches around here are things like egg salad, chicken salad, veggie and cheese, etc. because there are only a few places I like to purchase deli meats. If I can’t get there and we still want sandwiches I have to make other kinds! When I get roast or a brisket at a good price, I’ll buy a few and then shred up the meat for sandwiches. Easy thing to do in the crockpot!

  3. July 10, 2012 9:38 am

    This is an interesting series. I don´t eat fast food, delivery meals etc. but of course, I need to prepare fast foods quite often, What I prepare is a sort of antipasti with boiled eggs or omelette, asparragus, olives and a slice of cheese, a salad made with tomato, tuna, boiled rice, fresh coriander and a dash of olive, chicken salad with a baked chicken breast (I use to do it the previous day), watercress and advocado sandwich and things like this… I try to have always in the house cheese, eggs, fresh veggies, parma jam or chicken, fresh herbs and cans of healthy stuff to make my fast meals and it works. I prefer to eat some crakers with blue cheese and a piece of fruit rather than the “takeaway” or fast food restaurants that I find near home and work. Of course there are exceptions, but are too expensive

  4. February 12, 2013 4:32 pm

    All those foods look so much more appetizing than your run of the mill fast food. I want to try making my own lunch meats. We have an area hoagie shop that roasts their own turkey and roast beef and it is the best hoagie ever! So glad I found you through Motivation Monday.


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