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Guest Post From Anna (age 11) – What’s Behind The Wrapper?

June 27, 2012

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How much do you really know about what’s inside when you pick up a box of your favorite cereal? Without looking at the ingredients, how much do you really know about all your favorite little bites? Without reading labels when you pick up that box, bag or can do you really know what hides behind the wrapper?

I’m here to explain to you what the company’s themselves won’t quite explain. First of all, lets talk about some ingredients that might be hiding and other important information you can find on labels.

˜ Calories are a way to measure the amount of energy stored in food. An active 10 to 11 year old only needs 2200 calories in a day.  With today’s fast food it’s really easy to get more than you bargained for. Look at this!  (These calorie counts include fries and a coke because a lot of kids would have them all.)

Burger King Whopper =  1540 calories

Mc Donald’s Big Mac = 1390 calories

Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic =  1160 calories

That’s more than half of you calories for the day in just one meal!

In addition to calories, I like to look at the other crazy ingredients you can find on packaged food labels.

˜ Carrageenan – This is a natural seaweed extract.  It’s not really bad for you and its found in lots of different products.

˜Castoreum – A chemical derived from the scent glands of beavers.  That’s right folks, beaver stink!  You can find this ingredient in everything from donuts to candies.  It is used to make things look nicer and smell stronger.

˜Tartrazine – This is a dye made from hydrocarbons.  The stuff found in petroleum!  Food makers use tartrazine in the yellow or orange colored sprinkles that are on your donuts.

˜ Gelatin – Gelatin is a water soluble protein made from processed animal skin and bones.

˜ Carmine – A color additive that makes food purple, red, or pink. Carmine is the ground up bodies of a cochineal beetles!  You can find these beetles in Peru and the Canary Islands.

There are lots of other nasty ingredients as well, like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, colorings, sodium, synthetic fats, and lots of chemically derived variations of corn.   None of these things are good for you and a lot of them have been found to hurt your body.

I think is really important to read the labels on food! But i think it’s even more important to stick to real food the way God intended it.  I hope that this has inspiered you to use great judgment when you buy something and where you buy it from.

(Linked to Little Natural Cottage.)

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