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Kristina’s June Menu

June 2, 2012

Well here is where I have to come clean.  My May Menu was a mere suggestion.  I never did make it out to do my big grocery shopping so I spent way too much time running into the grocery stores picking up something for dinner.  Life happened.  This month will be different.  I have a plan and I just finished doing my big shopping.  Sometimes habits are hard to break, but I see the benefit in breaking my impulse grocery shopping!

For June I’ve incorporated something I call “Free Nights.”  I do enjoy spontaneous creativity.  You know when you watch something on Food TV and you just have to have it!  Or you are inspired by a book you read.  (This happened to me last month.)  My husband says some of his favorite meals are when he comes home and asks, “What are we having?”  And my response is, “I don’t know.”  Even though I already have something going in the pan, dinner just sort of happens or evolves into something on those nights.  It’s fun and fuels my energy.  I need those nights.  These brief moments also help keep me on track the remainder of the month.

Also, as I’m doubling my meals sometimes I double the ingredients but then do not prepare the complete meal.  For instance, the Warm Goat Cheese and Chicken Salad I’m doing.  I will freeze the cheese and the cooked chicken and note on the outside of the bag that I need to purchase or cut from the garden the salad greens to serve the meal.  For the Mediterranean Chicken Pitas I will freeze the chicken and the pitas but note that I still have to prepare the yogurt sauce to serve.  By freezing only the individual components of a dinner I’m able to give myself more flexibility.  Our Prepared Meals Inventory List has a column for “Extra Items Needed For Serving” to help you with your inventory planning.

My June menu includes mostly meals that can be prepared outside either on the grill or on the secondary burner we have on the grill.  We love cooking outdoors during the summer!  We also eat most of our dinners outside.  The evenings are long and beautiful!

Happy June everyone!

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  1. June 6, 2012 8:27 am

    For years I have planned my menus by the month, and then I take a break. People always laughed at me, but I would have my closest friends pick when they wanted to come over based on what I was cooking that night. LOL!! BUT the “FREE NIGHT”…yes, I HAVE to have it, too! It keeps it from getting to rigid.

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