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Daja’s May Meal Plans

May 2, 2012

Ordinarily I don’t ask the kids what they want to eat.  My kitchen motto is, “I am not a short order cook.  When you are old enough to cook for yourself then you get to decide what we eat.”  In fact, I fell in love with the following sign, which my sister has proudly displayed over her stove in her kitchen: 

This adorable FREE printable is available by clicking the image.

But, I was not feeling particularly inspired feeling generous about May’s menu.  So, I asked the family what we should eat. Their contributions were: Puttanesca, Pork Lo Mein, Hamburgers, Lasagna, and Fish Tacos.  Thanks kids!

As always we are striving to double two meals a week (average).  Some weeks that I know I’ll be busy I’m not doing so much doubling and making up for it on other weeks.  These meals we are putting in the freezer for a rainy day.  We’ll record these meals carefully on our Inventory Sheet.  You may print these sheets for your own freezers and pantries so deliciousness doesn’t get lost in the back somewhere!

What are you eating in May?

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  1. Micah permalink
    May 2, 2012 12:32 pm

    I really wish you guys would start posting your recipes. Especially for the items like Huurshuur and Buuz and such that are more unique than beans and cornbread. And several of your recipes say “Mongolian …”. What makes it ‘Mongolian’? I would love to see those recipes as well. I know, I know, you ladies, like the rest of us moms, have all the free time in the world to blog and post and just lay around. 🙂

    • Daja permalink*
      May 2, 2012 12:45 pm

      Free time? What is this “free time” you speak of? LOL!!! Seriously, though, I am working on a tutorial for buuz and I suppose I’ll do one for huurshur after. It’s not so simple as posting a recipe, though. In fact, I’ve had to work it out myself because when I learned to make Mongolian food it was never with a written recipe. It was by watching and cooking with Mongolian friends and my mother-in-law.

      The reason there are so many “Mongolian” recipes is that my husband is Mongolian. He has always lived there until about 7 years ago when we moved to California. Eating Mongolian food feeds his soul, so to speak. It keeps him connected with home. You know?

      I lived in Mongolia for about four years and we go back as often as we can, which has been about once a year, for various ministry things or just to visit family.

      OK, more recipes are on my radar! I’ll try to get some uploaded for you soon! Thanks for asking!!!

  2. Claudia permalink
    May 2, 2012 9:16 pm

    Thank you for the ideas. I’m just finishing my may meal plan.

  3. Claudia permalink
    May 2, 2012 9:18 pm

    Daja, I would like to start introducing solid foods to Cielo( 7 months old by next week). Any recommendations of what to offer her first?
    Thank you:)

    • Daja permalink*
      May 3, 2012 8:09 am

      My philosophy is to introduce real food slowly. As long as she’s still nursing well, there’s no hurry. A few bites here and there, usually right off your plate is fine. I confess that I have never purchased baby food.

      Great first foods are avocado, bananas, mashed root vegetables (sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, carrots). I just give the baby little bites of this stuff from my plate or mashed with my fork. If for some reason I need to make more (like I’m going to be gone) I use a simple hand-crank baby food grinder.

      Babies need high fat foods, so some good early choices are egg yolks, real butter, coconut milk and oil, kefir, and yogurt.

      After vegetables and fats, I’d go for other fruits. And I don’t think there is a need for grains until after a year old. Then it’s healthy grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, etc.

      Hope that is helpful!

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