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Prayer for the week April 23 – The Church

April 23, 2012

Yesterday my pastor, Dr. Greg Waybright, of Lake Avenue Church, challenged us to stop allowing the Church to look like the rest of the world.  He talked about how the Church has been muddied by beliefs and attitudes having no foundation in the Word of God.  So muddied, in fact, that the Church is looking less and less like what God intended and is sometimes indistinguishable from the world.  By going back to Acts 2:1-12 you see the birth of the Christian Church and see what was truly established at the very beginning.

1.  The Church is a people in which:  Each one has personal access to God.  Acts 2:3 — Fire comes down from heaven, separates and falls on each and everyone.  There is no longer a separation from God as in the days of Moses, when he alone was allowed to approach God.

2.  The Church is a people in which:  Each one is a minister of God.  Minister in this context is someone who serves in the name of  God.  Acts 2:4 — “All” began to speak.  On what did they speak?  They spoke on the wonders of God!

3.  The Church is a people in which:  Each one of us is a part of God’s new community.  Acts 2:5-12 — “Each one heard them speaking in his own language.”  What a miraculous event that must have been!  God gives place for each of us to hear of God in a way that ministers to us as individuals, but then we must step into the Church and allow God to transform us into His likeness!

4.  The Church is a people in which:  Each one participates in God’s mission.  Acts 2:17 & 18 — God promised to pour out His Spirit on all people and they will all prophesy.  Wherever you go you are God’s representative!

This view of the Church resonates with me.  It gives me place, purpose, and mission!  These points can be boiled down into our every day life.  They aren’t something so lofty that I can’t reach them.  No!  Because of God’s grace working in me, I can apply these things to what I do each moment of every day!

Here in the Provision Room we talk about food and caring for our families in ways that glorify God.  “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” ( I Corinthians 10:31)   This is our foundation!  The Church begins in our families and resonates outward to our communities.  The food for our souls, and the food for our bodies is what sustains us in every situation.  Look at this!  Every moment of every day we have access to our loving Father!  We breathe in His Spirit and as we breathe out we minister to our families and even our communities.  We speak of His love and His works!

Boiled down to the most basic element of food…  You hear of a sick friend and you take  over a meal.  You feed the body and the soul.  You hear of a family who is struggling because of a job loss.  You take them some groceries.  You feed them and to God’s glory, you sustain them!  You are speaking in a language they understand.  You are not ignoring a need but you are satisfying it.  You are drawing them into your community, the Church!  Praise the Lord!  God’s plan is so simple!

The Church isn’t just a place where we go to hear good preaching, or singing, or get entertained.  The Church is a living, breathing, acting body of Christ.  Each one of us is a member and has a role to play whether it’s small or large.  The Church needs individuals acting as community.  Reaching out to both the here and there.  This is God’s perfect plan for the Church!

This week will you pray this prayer with me?

Father, I thank you that I have personal access to you!  I thank you that you have called me to speak of you and participate in your mission, as your representative.  I thank you for your desire to speak to me as an individual so that I can be drawn into your community, the Church.  I pray this week that I won’t get bogged down in “stuff,”  but by keeping my eyes on you I will have eyes to see the need around me, both in my family and my community.  Use me as your instrument.  Let me be the Church.  Amen.

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  1. April 26, 2012 12:44 pm

    Reblogged this on The Fay Journey and commented:
    This post has such great thoughts! Lord, help me to see the needs around me so that others can see you in me!!

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