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Daja’s Pantry After Three Months

April 11, 2012

So, it’s been three months since we started this Pantry 31 thing!  Instead of wishful  thinking, we’ve been planning to stock the pantry.  (See the BEFORE pictures.)  And here are the fruits of our labor:

My kitchen pantry, which for the last four years or so we have affectionately called the Provision Room:

Daja's Pantry Inside 2--THREE MONTHS

Opposite side:

Daja's Pantry Inside--THREE MONTHS

The “extra” shelving in the kitchen:

Daja's Pantry--THREE MONTHS

The big freezer in the garage:

Daja's Big Freezer Door--THREE MONTHS

Look at all those stored meals!   Many of which I stored using this method.

Daja's Big Freezer--THREE MONTHS

For details on what we have stored, view our Flickr Photostream!

For tools to help you organize your own Provision Room and Freezer, click here!

I can hardly believe how much better it looks and how much more food and provisions there really are and I haven’t increased my food budget!  What?!  It’s amazing what a little planning can do!

“You might have a vision for your life,

but a vision without a plan is just wishful thinking.”

(Graham Cooke)

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