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What Makes The Provision Room Unique?

March 30, 2012

There are a myriad of food storage sites on the internet and even more for emergency preparedness.  There are countless great sites for gardening, cooking technique and recipes.  Why would you want to read this blog and hopefully, jump in here and do what we’re doing?

At The Provision Room we believe we can do it WITHOUT INCREASING the cost of our monthly food budget.

That might mean we have to get creative, learn some new techniques, or get our hands dirty.  We might even have to “upcycle” some used items to create the storage areas we need.  But something deep inside us tells us there has to be a way.   A way for all of us to take the necessary steps to provide for our families in case of the unexpected without buying into the mass consumerism of corporate America.  We really do believe we can do this while maintaining our standards to eat real food and heal the land.  Sure we might be a little crazy.  We prefer to think of ourselves as radical moms on a mission!

We know some will have a hard time believing this, but here are the numbers to prove it.  The first step we encourage you to take is joining us in doubling just 2 meals per week.  (We’re trying to reach our 1st Goal of 1 month of food storage.)  If you do nothing else you will have 8 meals stored each month.  At 8 meals per month it will take us 4 months to reach our first goal.  But wait!  There is a surprise!  (Have we mentioned we LOVE surprises?!)

Every 3 months we will take 1 week off from major cooking!!!

During our one week off we will eat from our freezers, our pantry/dry storage, and our gardens.  We will take one whole week off from our work, a sort of Sabbath rest, and one week off from buying groceries!!  That means we will have some extra cash the next month to help in our preparations or another area of our budget that may be struggling.

Take a look at this…

In 1 year we will store 60 meals, get 4 weeks of cooking vacation, and a 1 month reduction in our annual grocery budget!!

That’s AMAZING news!!!  So far so good right?!

Now we do understand there are some areas of preparing our families that will cost us something.  If you don’t already have them, water storage, generators, freezers, and safes all cost money.  We’re going to try and help with this as well.  Our husbands are going to get in on the blog and do some product comparisons for us and teach us some ways that we might even be able to get these items second hand or in trade.

In the end we truly believe, slow and steady wins the race.  We CAN do this!  We are going to do it in a way that blesses and uplifts our families.

Join in wherever you are!  Learn and grow as we do the same.

(Linked to The Barn Hop)


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