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A Camping Trip & Learning to Adapt

March 29, 2012

Last week our hubbies surprised us with a camping trip.  We knew one was coming but thought it would be the first part of April.  You see both our families recently purchased older used campers.  We got a great deal on a 1979 Apache and Daja and her family picked up a sweet little camper that her husband immediately began customizing to fit them.  So we knew the men were anxiously awaiting the first “shake-down” trip.  Daja and I were hoping it would be April because our March Menu Plans did not reflect camping.  OK, so that didn’t work out.  That meant we had to adapt.  Both of us had done all our major shopping for the month and neither of us had the extra money to run right out and buy a whole different set of meals… and we just didn’t want to.

We know that one of the biggest complaints we hear in regard to menu planning is, “I planned all this food.  Then our schedule changed and we ended up eating out or buying more food to fit the changes.  So in the long run menu planning costs more.”  Although we fully understand this argument, we don’t believe it has to be that way.  We just have to learn to get creative and adapt!  We each looked at our plans and chose the best and easiest options for camping… essentially did some shuffling within the plans.  It would be slightly odd unconventional but it would work!

Homemade granola and yummy raw milk!

The first night the eating was great, however Daja had cooked her taco meat at home and I had prepped my turkey burgers but didn’t cook them.  So they ended up waiting for me to finish cooking before we all sat down.  Honestly, I was really flustered because I really don’t like to keep people waiting!  We of course forgot to take pictures of the first dinner.  🙂

The second day we were a little more on our game and a lot more relaxed!  Muffins and cinnamon rolls were served up for breakfast.  Hotdogs and chips were the order for lunch.  And dinner was just lovely…

Daddies were out on a walk with the kids so Daja and I poured a couple of glasses as we prepped dinner.

Daja's veggie burgers heating up with just a little water in the bottom of the pan.

Prepping the toppings.

Rice and beans. I cooked the beans before we left, so they just needed some extra seasoning.

Have spices. Will travel.

Not bad for "unconventional" camping food!

Super good on a cool evening by the lake!

We even managed to celebrate a birthday.  Don’t you just love our improvised candle!!

In the end it all worked out!  We ate well and enjoyed some relaxing time!

And for the next few months we’ll make sure to plan some camping-like food in every months menu plan!

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