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Mid-month Progress Report for March

March 18, 2012

Honestly, we cannot believe it’s the middle of March.  Where in the world did the time go?!

We are having a blast working on this site and sprucing up our real life provision rooms.  As challenging as it is to have goals, it’s even more challenging when you have a friend saying, “Look at the calendar!  Two more weeks!  How are those goals coming along?”  That accountability will getcha!

So, here’s our mid-month check-up as promised.


1. We are still striving to double two meals a week for the freezer.  That’s going very well.  Although, we had a little hiccup that caused us to rearrange our month’s meal plans.  We will be going camping for a few days and neither of us planned that into our month’s meal budgets.  So, it may be a future goal to have camping supplies in the provision room or in the freezer so we can jet at a moment’s notice.  Both our families love to camp and from Spring to Fall we are frequently at the beach or in the mountains!

While planning meals this month, I (Daja) realized that most of my freezer  meals were oven meals.  While that is fine for the “unexpected life changes” category, it wouldn’t serve me too well if we had another major power outage.  So, this month I’ve tried to balance the storehouse with things that can be reheated on the grill or gas stove.

Doubling the meals is going well here in our house (Kristina here).  I’m finding the little extra work is paying off in big dividends.  As a side note and word of caution don’t start this adventure with a messy freezer.  I thought about cleaning out my freezer before hand and then promptly forgot about it!  Now I’m going to have to really get in there and get it done otherwise I’m going to run out of room!!

2. We have added some Tools For Your Pantry to the site.  You can print some inventory sheets to keep track of the food you put up.  No sense in letting that delicious casserole get freezer burned a year from now simply because you forgot it was there!  There is one sheet for your prepped freezer meals and another for the pantry.  Check it out!

3. We have not started the dehydrated protein crackers yet.  But, we did put it on the calender.  So, that’s a start.  We’ve also purchased the seeds and nuts needed for the project.  Now to actually put it all together!

Daja’s Goals:

1. My seedlings are growing well in my dining room.  I love seeing them sprout!  I’ve also got some things that don’t need to be sprouted indoors directly sowed in the ground or in pots.

2. My first round of Kombucha is brewing nicely on the shelf.  I can hardly wait to start drinking it!  One of my family’s nutritional goals is to include more fermented foods in our diet.  While we could get ambitious and then burn out, for now we are sticking with the baby step of having one fermented food a day.  Today it was Kimchi!

Is it just me or does it look a bit like a sheikh?

Kristina’s Goals:

1. Kombucha vinegar is all done and I’ve found some fun and strange unexpected uses for it!  The making of the vinegar was really easy.  All I had to do was forget a batch of kombucha that was brewing in the provision room for a few extra weeks and…Poof! Vinegar!  I bottled some of it for using as a typical vinegar and I’ve also made a lavender and rose hip facial tonic.  My favorite use of the vinegar so far are these YUMMY drinks.  Sweetened with frozen raspberries and simple syrup and balanced with the tanginess of the vinegar these are so much better than any soda you can buy!!   And so good for you with all the kombucha probiotics!

2. As for my seedlings…  I have got to get my act together and ASAP!!

Two weeks to go!  Are you running with us?  Let’s finish strong!

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  1. March 18, 2012 3:34 pm

    Hey Daja, if you’re up for it, I got some kefir grains. They’re super easy if you haven’t used them. Put your non-ultra-pasteurized milk in a jar with the grains, put a cloth on it, and check it in a day or two, swishing it every once in a while to mix it up. I just tried it in coconut milk (canned) and it worked well! This stuff’s great for sourdough (no need for a starter!) and other grain fermenting.

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