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Kristina’s March Meal Plan

March 1, 2012

I’m literally coming in under the wire on this one!  I promise you, if Daja wasn’t counting on me and we hadn’t announced to the blog-o-sphere that we were writing the Provision Room with a plan and a purpose, I would be wrapped snugly in my bed fast asleep!  I am so not a night person!  But here I sit with lap top in hand writing about my March Meal Plan.  Even at this late hour, I’m already looking forward to the yummy goodness coming my way.  My belly is practically singing!!

As I mentioned last month, I felt like we were a little meat-heavy so I’ve worked to lighten our diet a little bit.  It’s been cold (for Southern California) the last few days so I’m still craving warm and hearty meals.  But I think I’ve struck a nice balance.

Just like last month, I’ve earmarked two meals per week for doubling… well sort of.  Because the first couple of weeks are jam-packed with “family calendar stuff”, I’ve given myself some grace and moved my doubling meals to days when I know I can eek out the extra few minutes I need to make a double batch.  We all need grace sometimes don’t we?!  We’re really aiming for eight doubled meals each month.  If once in a while we need to shuffle those meals around…  well… we just call that life.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are following along on this journey and you to are putting meals up, don’t, I repeat, don’t use them!  We have such a special surprise waiting for you in April you will be so thankful you didn’t use any of your meals early!

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  1. March 5, 2012 9:38 am

    I want a freezer!! 🙂 I used to do this all of the time, and I had a stocked freezer. (so much easier to give and plan…)


  1. And our local winner is….. « The Provision Room

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