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March Goals, a.k.a. Marching Orders!

February 29, 2012


Since the beginning of February Daja has put up 11 meals!

Since the beginning of February Kristina has put up 11 meals + 12 quarts of black beans!

Saraa enjoying some veggies.

We had a blast working on our February goals.  And the fact that we announced them to the world on this blog gave us just enough pressure to actually get them done!  Now we are ready to lay out our plans for March.  But this is key: BABY STEPS.  We are not going to ask you to plant the back 40,  to convert your car to run on vegetable oil or remake your husband’s man-cave into a silo.  Slow and steady wins the race my friend.  Just do the next thing.  Little-by-little we will make it!

Ready for our MARCHing orders?


1.  Most places in the country are within the window for the last frost of the season.  So that means it’s time to start your seedlings indoors!  Although we’ve both started some, March will be the month when we really get our seedlings all started.  For the rest of the month our windowsills, counters and for Kristina, her bathtub, will be filled with little pots and little green shoots of promise!

2. Based on the meal log you kept last month, plan dinners for one full month.  Look ahead at your calendar and take into consideration what is happening in the month.  This will keep you from getting too ambitious.  Make sure all holidays, school events, and appointments are written in so you can plan around them.  For example, I know that Wednesdays are really busy for me.  The kids have art lessons and Kung Fu.  So, those are the days that I need a simple to put together meal that I can prep early in the day or a crock pot meal.

Coming soon to The Provision Room: A downloadable PDF to help you to inventory and keep track of your food storage!

3. Continue the meal doubling we started last month.  Twice a week make double what you are already making and stick it in the freezer.  And then don’t touch it!  Those meals are for LATER, not for use now because of lack of planning.  (Talking to myself here!)


1. Daja will start her own Kombucha from a scoby from Kristina.  I have decided that we need more fermented foods in our diet!  Also, Kristina will explore making her own vinegar from Kombucha to replace what we find at most stores which is made from genetically modified corn.

2. Kristina and Daja will break out the dehydrator and make protein crackers.  This is the perfect time of year to do this.  We do not yet have the dehydrator busy with summer’s harvest, so we can use it with the nuts and seeds!  Protein crackers are completely vegan and will keep on the shelf for quite a while.  So, in case of an emergency we have an easy protein source.  PLUS, looking ahead, this Spring and Summer will be busy with the kids swimming, playing sports, camping, biking, etc.  Protein crackers are a perfect take-along that doesn’t have all the dismaying ingredients found in most protein/energy bars.

As we did last month we’ll give you a mid-month progress report.  You can keep us accountable, too!  Go ahead and ask us what’s happening and how it’s going!  We promise to give excuses tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth.

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  1. Claudia permalink
    February 29, 2012 8:21 pm

    I don’t have a dehydrator, any tips on how to make protein bars or crackers without using one? Thank you! Claudia

  2. Daja permalink*
    March 1, 2012 9:12 am

    Yes, you can make them in the oven!

    One reason we will try to make our crackers in the dehydrator is because then they will be totally raw as well! A fun little bonus!

    However, they can be done in the oven. In fact, on Kristina’s other blog “Annyssa” (linked above and on the sidebar) she has a recipe for a healthy protein bar (different than the crackers we will feature here) that her family enjoys instead of Cliff Bars. They contain no crude oil derivatives or strange rearrangements of corn. 🙂 Hurray!


  1. Mid-month Progress Report for March « The Provision Room

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