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Daja’s Pantry Before

January 31, 2012

I have seven kids.  The next time someone dares to call me Super Woman I will refer them to these pictures.  It’s a wonder looking at these pictures that I manage to feed my family at all.  So disorganized.

I have an upright freezer in the garage, a pantry (which we all call The Provision Room), a tall spice cabinet and some extra shelves Gana built in the kitchen.  Here we go:

The big upright freezer door.

Inside the big upright freezer.

Now for what food is store inside:

The spice cabinet.  Holds herbs and spices, but also oils, vinegar, adult beverages of various kinds.

Here is mostly tea.  Mongolian tea, Chinese tea, some Middle Eastern tea with cardamon in it, etc.

You can title this one: You can take the boy out of Asia…

About 50lbs of rice anyone?

The next three are where  and how the other dry goods are stored.  Cans, grains, beans, etc.

See that big silver bowl?  It’s full of leftover Halloween candy.  We don’t even celebrate Halloween.  Figure that one out.

And reusable grocery bags, which I really need to store somewhere else.  I nearly always forget them here.

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  1. dashaunda permalink
    March 17, 2012 7:17 pm

    youre not the only ine that forgets thier reusable bags. and mine are in the car!!


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