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Kristina’s Pantry Before

January 23, 2012

OK people here it is in all it’s wonderful glory!

This is where I’m starting this journey.

The main provision room is a closet underneath our stairs.  It’s long and narrow and every time I go all the way to the back I bang my head.  Every time.  In the past year I’ve had hubby add some additional shelving but we can do a lot more.  Also, this is the closet where my family (aka me) does the great stash and dash if people are coming over.  I keep my extra large kitchen equipment in here as well.

About 1/4 of the closet is actually food related bulk storage.  This isn’t too bad, but the goal is to grow this A LOT in the next year.  I’m awfully proud of the all the preserves I put up when our plum tree gave us more plums than we knew what to do with!

My intentions are good for food storage!  I’ve been collecting lots of containers.  I just haven’t put a lot in them yet.

My remaining storage is actually in the kitchen.  I have a decent sized pantry that I’ve tried to organize over and over again.  Sadly, it’s not very efficient.

As for spices and oils these cabinets flank my stove.

So that’s it.  By God’s grace this will all grow and get organized in baby steps over the next year.

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  1. January 8, 2014 4:46 pm

    “Everyone has a starting point. The point is getting started.” ~ Jessica David You’ve got awesome storage space!

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